We began working on the foundation of this movement in March 2017 as a response to Archbishop Aquila’s call to spread a culture of missionary discipleship. Outside of all the things that have been done at individual parishes, we have created a timeline to show you the steps we have taken thus far and where we plan to go.

Upcoming Dates

November 9, 2018: The full store for MTYR.org will launch. We will coordinate next steps with priests and parishes.

December 2018: An initial video will launch addressing a crucial topic.

February 2019: MTYR.org goes live and parishes can share videos on a coordinated timeline.

Convocation 17

It was announced at the priest convocation that Archbishop is launching an Archdiocesan-wide Discipleship Initiative. It was emphasized that it would not be a pre-baked program, but something that would be conceptualized together. Priests were invited to volunteer for the initial committee.

ADI Committee Created

12 priests and 12 lay volunteers made up the initial group. While we all came with questions about what we would try to work towards, when we began discussing the mission field we face in 2018, we quickly moved away from skepticism and onto mission. Throughout, we felt a responsibility to present something tangible to bring to the wider presbyterate.

Summer 17

Conceptualization begins by reviewing "Joy of the Gospel" and discussing areas of weakness and challenges we face.

November 17

Conceptualization continues. Additional members joined the committee and we began recognizing that most of our concerns and positive examples fit within four general areas. Four pillars were unanimously selected as the working foundation for the convocation.

February - March 18

A priest and a layperson form initial committee co-chair for subcommittees which adds 60 new members (24 priests) to the conceptualization. They are charged with how to best present the four pillars to the wider presbyterate at the all Priest Convocation.


200+ priests gathered for a week to speak into the initiative. Each priest participated in four sessions, each one focused on the established pillars. The table discussion created a mountain of helpful input.

Spring 18

The feedback taken during the convocation is meticulously unpacked and considered at the archdiocese and by members of the subcommittees. This creates a clearer picture of the areas that need to be addressed in a more focused way, reveals areas where we can spread universal improvements, and defines some areas that can only be handled at the parish level.

More Than You Realize

5,500 priests, parish staff, and engaged parishioners joined together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Saint John Paul II's visit to Denver in 1993 and to join in the new movement, More Than You Realize.

Fall 18

We focus on pillar 1: How Do We Receive? Personal Touchpoints. For the same reasons we would clean up the house and buy groceries before we invite the neighbors over, we will begin asking for leaders to step up and pilot training that can be spread as a culture throughout our communities. We will also be asking for topics you’d like to hear about and begin creating the MTYR public-facing campaign.


Launch of the MTYR.Church website, a portal for parishioners of the Archdiocese of Denver to learn more and stay up-to-date with the latest of the archdiocesan-wide initiative.

January 19

Launch of the new MTYR.org website. This is the launch of our outward-facing movement.

Store Launches

On November 9th the full store for MTYR.org will launch. We will coordinate next steps with priests and parishes.