More Than You Realize


Welcome to MTYR.Church. You’ve been invited here because someone has recognized you as a disciple of Jesus. You can join the thousands who have begun animating the More Than You Realize movement within the Catholic Church.

More Than You Realize will help us spread a culture of discipleship throughout our communities in a variety of ways:

  1. As parishes, schools, or entities: Provides a context for us to understand the challenges we face and offers a simple and realistic framework to move forward; we will begin with these “pillars” and grow from there.
  2. As individuals: Allows each of us to recognize our call to be missionary disciples and then participate according to our own vocations and gifts.
  3. As a movement: Provides a public-facing campaign (video content that models and is shareable, wearable items, etc.).

Just as Christ spoke to general audiences in parables, but then “explained everything in private to his disciples” (Mark 4:33), MTYR will have two separate digital channels that approach audiences differently:

  • MTYR.Church is our private hub to share our ethos, updates on where we are in the process, and content directed at those who are currently disciples. It’s sort of like being in the locker room where we discuss our strategy and motivate our team.
  • and our corresponding social media channels are our public face to general audiences. This pre-evangelization oriented content will be a model for us, give us content to share through our channels, and distribute items that promote the movement.

This site can help you learn about the timeline of our development, explains our methodology, allows you to send us ideas and questions, communicates the basics, and will link you to our store! Your participation and your mission means More Than You Realize!

Outward facing campaign begins February 2019!


Learn about the challenge of evangelization, how we developed the title and imagery, and how deeply Catholic our methodology is.


Strategically placed on the 25th Anniversary of St. John Paul II’s transformative visit to Denver, this conference carried a clear narrative throughout the day. It began as a celebration of JPII and our archdiocese, pulled focus on the realities we must face, explained why discipleship is at the heart of our solution, and then announced the four foundational pillars of our movement.


Throughout the Fall of 2017, a committee of twelve priests and eleven lay ministers met to discuss the realities we face. In April 2018, 200+ priests discussed how these four areas impact parish life and could potentially be improved.

How do we Receive?

How do we Form?

How do we Free Up?

How do we Go Out?



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Each purchase helps support us by providing funding for video production and by creating more awareness of this new movement.

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We began working on the foundation of this movement in March 2017 as a response to Archbishop Aquila’s call to spread a culture of missionary discipleship. We have created a timeline to show you the steps we have taken thus far and where we plan to go.


We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please use the form below to send us a message. Be sure to include your contact information so that we can get back to you.